Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales

Tortall and Other Lands
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Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales (Beka Cooper)

Play Sample. We are put into a familiar world with unfamiliar people. The basic premise of this story is learning to fight not from a teacher, but from the nature and animals around the main character. She is a mere girl who watches the savannah animals around her and learns ways to fight from them. The end of the story shows how she takes what she learns and puts it into practice to protect the honor of her sister and her family. The second short story is Elder Brother and was hinted about in one of The Immortal Quartets when Mage Numair has to do a devastating bit of magic and turns an enemy into a tree.

The knowledge is given that halfway around the world there would be a tree who all of a sudden was a man to keep the balance of nature. This is the story of this tree-man and how he deals with being human. Not only is the story about this, but also about a boy who finds him and the challenges of a world who believes females should be hidden behind veils.

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There are a couple of female characters in this story who show you two different views of women in this world. One wishes to escape and the other embraces it and shows the advantages of being hidden behind a veil.

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The final story is completely different and is loosely based on her experience as a housemother in a group home. Showing a different side to her writing.


Alanna the knight, Numair the mage, Daine the wolf-speaker and more! Favorite and unfamiliar characters in 11 tales, including three brand new stories!. Tortall and Other Lands book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Collected here for the first time are all of the tales fro.

She takes her experience and instead of telling you exactly what happened, compresses it and changes the way she handled it to fit the way her character would have handled situations. She says in her note about the story that what she writes about were similar to things that happened to her, but thankfully they had not happened over only a weeklong trial as what happens in her story. While it is not necessary to have read all of the other books before reading this one and actually this would make a wonderful introductory book for anyone who has not read the other series yet; it does make understanding what is going on a little easier.

Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales by Tamora Pierce « Fantasy-Faction

There is a story which includes Darklings and if you have not seen what they have done for the kingdom of Tortall, then there is a disconnect of why these blobs are not immediately feared and fought with. I am a fan of Tamora Pierce and cannot wait for her next book in the Beka Cooper books. It comes out in October of this year and while I wait for that one, I will reread the rest of her books now that I have a taste of the stories again in my mind.

Love it when a book makes me want to read the rest of the series again and thankfully, they are not very long… well most of them.

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Chelsea Haller Chelsea grew up thinking that she could fly It was always strange to her when she woke up the ability seemed to escape her. When she is not playing make believe, though, she has completed two associate degrees in Liberal Arts and Social and Behavioral Science, along with completing her Bachelor's in English. Not wishing to become a schoolteacher, she has set her dreams upon being a writer.

She currently lives in the Sacramento Valley, has been married since and has two fur babies and hopes to add to the family in the future. Having many odd jobs in the past she has settled upon a career of secretarial work until her books can sustain her and her family. Hoping to have this as step into that world, hopefully in the next few years someone will be doing a spotlight or a review of her work.

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