Suicide Bombers: Allahs New Martyrs

What Does Islamic Faith Promise Martyrs?
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The United States left Lebanon in early Both attacks in Lebanon caught Washington by surprise, despite suicide bombings against the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut in and an Israeli military headquarters in south Lebanon in The bombing of the U. The tactic worked from the terrorists point of view. French and American forces withdrew from Lebanon soon after the attack. Hamas and other Israeli groups picked up suicide bombing techniques from Hezbollah when Hamas leaders were exiled to Lebanon in the early s.

See Terrorism in Israel. Martyr memorial in Yazd, Iran In the Iran-Iraq War in the s mullahs in Iran recruited young men at neighborhood mosques and formed them into irregular forces of volunteers, or basiji , who carried suicide missions and human wave attacks. These young men were told that they would be admitted directly to heaven if they died in battle. Many though death be a wonderful uplifting experience.

Understanding the rising cult of the suicide bomber: Suicide bombings and martyrdom in Islam | AOAV

The Basij wore red headbands with a phrase invoking the blood of an imam. Some took of their helmets in battle and held their Korans to their chests, believing this would shield them from shrapnel and bullets.

There was usually a lot of weeping at this point, followed by chanting and praying. Hundreds of thousands of Iranian men died as martyrs.

The Basij formed human waves that cleared mines and confused the enemy, paving the way for the regular army to come through. There were reports of men who died because people rushed up to them and stuck their hands into the wounds in order to touch the warm blood of a martyr which was supposed to bring good things. One basij, who was 14 when joined the war, told V. Naipul he was part of a regiment of 1, men, of which only survived.

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He said he was wounded the twice. The second time he received some shrapnel in the head and went blind for several months and recovered after he prayed a shrine. After that he asked to go back to the front. Parents were proud their children if they died as martyrs. We hold our heads high, thanks be to Allah. My sons are following in the path of Imam Husayn [a revered Shiite martyr], and when they are in the other world they are helped by Iman Husayn. Almost every town and village had special martyr cemeteries where the martyrs were buried.

These cemeteries got bigger and bigger as the war progressed. Families visited the graves on Friday and decorated the graves with green and red flags green for Islam and red for blood , small shrines, piles of fruit, flowers, and likenesses of the deceased.

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In the West, the suicide bomber has become a familiar image in newspapers and on television. In Palestine, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and elsewhere, the. Suicide Bombers: Allah's New Martyrs [Farhad Khosrokhavar, David Macey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the West, the suicide.

Sometimes during the funerals mother hurled themselves into the graves, where their sons were buried. Well-known martyrs had streets named after them and huge billboard-like murals raised in their honor.

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Behind the fountains were photographs of local martyrs who fell in battle. The Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka have set off more suicide bombs than any other organization. As of , by one count, they had carried suicide bombing missions that killed , more 1, people. By contrast Hamas had set off 70 bombs at the same point in time. Rohan Gunaratna, an expert on terrorism at St. In the course of their attritional struggle for an independent Tamil state in northern Sri Lanka, the LTTE has, among scores of other attacks, bombed the World Trade Centre in Colombo in and assassinated two heads of state. LTTE suicide missions, which began in , are inspired more by cultish devotion to Velupillai Prabhakaran, the group's leader, than by religion.

The Tamil Tigers are credited with popularizing the suicide mission as a military tactic. Suicide bombs had been used in isolated instances in the Middle East most notably in the attack on the Marine barracks in Lebanon but until the s most attacks were car bombings or conventional ambushes or infiltrations. By contrast the Tamil Tigers used suicide bombing in a systematic way beginning in the late s to fight an enemy that vastly out outnumbered them. One Captain Millar is credited with being the first suicide bomber. In July , he plowed a truck full of explosive into an army camp, killing 40 Sri Lankan soldiers.

Others on suicide bombers carried out assassinations, bombed buildings and attacked ships. To carry out the missions the Tigers have used men, women, children, animals, boats, motorized rickshaws, parcels, cars and trucks. Some have argued that the September 11th attacks have their roots in Tamil Tiger methods and tactics. The Tigers also pioneered the use of sophisticated suicide body suits and surveillance techniques and developed methods to get close to targets.

The Tamil Tiger developed suicide mission as an offensive weapon. Ironically the main goal of suicide missions was to frustrate the military and the political leadership of the enemy with a minimum loss of life to the perpetrators the loss of one suicide bomber is much less than losses sustained launching a military offensive. The person gives him or herself in full. The tactic of suicide bombing emerged in Israel in the mid s and was a major security problem in the late s and early The numbers peaked after the start of the second intifada, in September of Between then and the middle of suicide bombers were responsible for almost half of the approximately deaths in terrorist attack.

They described the first major suicide-terrorist attack in the city, which occurred in February of , early on a Sunday morningthe beginning of the Israeli work week. The driver of the No. The bus was about halfway through when an explosion transformed it into an inferno of twisted metal, pulverized glass, and burning flesh.

A traffic camera designed to catch drivers running stop lights captured the scene on film. Twenty-five people were killed, including two U. On the objective of suicide attacks in Israel, Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, the spiritual leader of Hamas, said in You can sense the fear in Israel already; they are worried about where and when the next attacks will come.

Suicide bombers : Allah's new martyrs

Ultimately, Hamas will win. The term is said to have been coined by Hizbollah's secretary general, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, who described Israel as a still formidable military power whose civil society had become materialistic and lazy, its citizens self-satisfied, comfortable, and pampered to the point where they had gone soft. Therefore, Israel is a spider-web society: it looks strong from the outside, but touch it and it will fall apart.

Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of the Lord. Islamic suicide bombers go to their deaths variously expecting to meet the Prophet and to see the face of Allah. Their sins will be forgiven, and they can intercede for their relatives on the day of resurrection. They will live amid rivers of wine and honey, and be married to 72 black-eyed virgins. Muslim clerics who support suicide terrorism claim the suicide bombers are martyrs shaheed , which are greatly admired in Islam, and insist they are not escaping life but are helping their people and their children by making a sacrifice.

They also insist that the suicide bombings are a form of self defense and that all Israelis, Jews, Americans, Westerners are an enemy and thus fair game in a jihad battle. Instead they are referred to as martyrs shaheed.

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Traditional Muslim theology regards suicide and the killing of noncombatants as unforgivable sins. Fighters were not expected to go into battle with the expectation of dying and being a martyr.

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They are told they will not feel any pain after the first drop of their blood has been shed, they will escape tortures of the grave, they will see the face of God and they will be reunited in heaven with loved ones killed by their enemies. And suck fruits as they fancy. Bird meats as they relish. And companions with big beautiful eyes Like pearls within their shells Scholars say it came from an unreliable source from the early Islamic period.


When asked many young Muslim extremist say they would be willing to die in a jihad and their parents would be "very happy" too. Some Shiite Muslims believe that the death of Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed and a revered martyr to Shiites, serves as a precedent for suicide terrorism. Hussein was killed in a battle against a Umayyad clam in A. These arguments contradict many teachings in the Koran.

Mohammed, for example, said the martyrdom was not something that people did willingly. It was the will of God, not humans. The Koran also makes a clear distinction between fighters and civilians.