Mozart’s Starling

A Beautiful World: What do Mozart and starlings have in common with this book author?
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Lyanda Lynn Haupt ‘Mozart’s Starling’

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By enquiring into the puzzle of sibling relations, Frank J. Sulloway pioneers a new view Another century on and starling numbers have exploded in North America — there are perhaps million.

Thanks to starlings being an introduced species that may out-compete native birds for nest cavities, they are probably the most hated bird species in North America today. Erased from the face of North America?

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Yes, unequivocally. Their bright minds, their sparkling beauty, their unique consciousness, their wild starling voices? Their feathers, brown from one angle, shining from another? Yes, yes, I do.

My continuing adventures in the natural world

For a relatively short book this has an impressive blend of genres, moving through popular science, nature writing, philosophy, a smattering of travel as the author explores Mozart sites in Vienna and Salzburg and an exploration of the creative process.

The real star of the narrative, though, is the nestling Haupt sneakily rescued and raised — keeping a starling is illegal in Washington State, where she lives. Named Carmen, the bird becomes an essential part of the household. The many little observations about her behaviour scattered through the book are quite charming but not merely included for the sake of whimsy, instead providing a fascinating glimpse into the often surprising world of wild bird behaviour.