Be Smart, Act Fast, Get Rich: Your Game Plan for Getting It Right in the Stock Market

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So im using both and tdameritrade costed me aloot more just in commisions than stash. So let me know what your thoughts on it. They offer the iShares family and SPDR family of funds — many of which have lower expense ratios than Vanguard today that changes — they are all in a battle. There are hundreds of apps for aggressive stock action. It might help to read before you toss your money into something.

No matter what type of app, no company should make it difficult to close or withdraw your funds. What if you simply want to move to a truly free brokerage? No personal vendetta, they are just really expensive to invest in. I always say that Stash makes it super easy to invest, and it make it understandable.

However, you are paying 21x what you would pay at a discount broker — for what? If you spend minutes learning the basics, you can easily do the same thing at a discount broker like Vanguard, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, etc. What are the fees and associated cost on withdrawal? If in case I want to close the account, what are the termination terms? Would like to know the full picture not just bells and whistles, thanks. Their outgoing ACH fees are free currently. Not that hard guys. Click on investment you made.

Click sell. Type in amount you want to sell…. Hope that helps all. We might make a bit more, but we could do less too.

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They deduct the fees from your bank, not your stash in the app. Now you have an almost truly free investing experience. I have to disagree with the author I do not feel Stash is expensive. I have a traditional brokerage account and I find Stash easier. That ends up equaling 0. Even a robo-adivsor like Wealthfront that charges 0.

And for their fee, they actually do the investing for you. Started my stash acct about 8 months ago.

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Second, Fidelity currently offers a promo of free trades for 2 years. That means you could build a portfolio of non-free ETFs and still not pay anything. I like it because IRAs usually have penalties for drawing money before retirement age; whereas, if I needed to… I can draw from Stash. Never can you have too many baskets.

This sounds phishy to me. But generally, I prefer most of my investments to be less rigid long-term options. I have really appreciated reading the above article! Personally, I TRADE with Robinhood with no fees and have done well by using technical analysis off third party sources and this has been great! However my biggest draw to use STASH as well was that I wanted a place to put a couple thousand dollars in a less risky — moderate investment fund where it has the capability of increasing in value apart from the extremely lousy 0.

A friend of mine uses Stash.

I did not really know much about it until reading reviews today. I imagine he does not have much money in Stash currently. I do not even know how Stash buys the ETFs. Can you buy fractional shares? That is the drawback with Robinhood. You have to buy whole shares.

Be Smart, ACT Fast, Get Rich: Your Game Plan for Getting It Right in the Stock Market

He is a generation younger than me too. I kind of want to give him advice I wish I had when I was his age. He is on the right path I guess but since he is a millennial, I think he does not have much money to invest or does not understand that he could FIRE in 20 years if he wanted to. You can buy Stash ETFs in fractions.

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Add it now to start borrowing from the collection. He is currently a contributor to Fox News Network. This repor t looks at the performance of over 13, retailers to uncover insights on: Monthly revenues Gross profit margins Basket size Transaction value Number of customers Learn More. Krista recommends that you start with your top sellers. MKM Partners sees reasons to be bullish on both. Now that I think about it I have an in with a big sports star. Since success leaves a foot print, it would make sense to model someone who has already accomplished this.

From a guy who never saved a dime in years. Pretty proud of that. I just downloaded the app a couple months ago for the fun of it. This is roughly the same amount of spending I otherwise would spend on a hobby or game, and even at a loss I will still have something left of my money when I get bored with it and cash out. However, as a training tool or a fun way to feel like a rich kid, go nuts.

Think about how they market themselves.. Nothing against Stash, calling it like I see it. I just signed up for an account with Stash today.

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Be Smart, Act Fast, Get Rich and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. "Charles Payne's book is blunt, provocative, and right on the money. This book is a lot like Charles himself: insightful and to the point. Be Smart, ACT Fast, Get Rich book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Praise for Be Smart, Act Fast, Get Rich Charles.

I really wish that something like this had been around when my son was younger, if nothing else than to show him what his money could do for him. I do not think he has a clue as to what is available to him besides savings. And then they want my bank account? It just seems out of step with the paranoia of the times. As that first up-top genius also asked. My bank account is joint with my husband; my Paypal is my own.

Thanks for all of the advice.. It is really not expensive. And who really invest only 5. At that level, the average investor is paying Stash alone 3. Maybe M1 Financial — Fractional shares are really important to you? Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Schwab, etc. Does anyone know if Stash computes the taxable basis when one sells?

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Yes, it will be on the they send you at tax time. Since the IRS has required that investment companies keep track. So it it a good app to invest in or no? There are better alternatives for pretty much every situation you want to invest for. I am new to investing but using this app is making me money.

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Every day I check my portfolio. If my stock is up even just a dollar, I sell the profit. I have been doing this for almost a month now. I started off using stash when I was doing delivery of auto parts while putting myself through school. Dividends are cool and this app definitely has helped me get my feet off the ground as an investor. I feel like this article was way underdone.

It was like you wrote a review of the restaurant by trying out the mints in the waiting room. Honestly, I feel like you need to stick to whatever investment you want and stick it out to be able to see good returns. I want to start investing and this app sounds good but the thought of putting my bank account details is putting me off completely. If there was an option to use PayPal and then they take fees from my investment and not from my account I would so sign up for this.

But I will not risk my banking info and besides, I hate money leaving my account automatically. I would get financial assistance and maybe take a financial class. Hey Prakash, have you checked out M1 Finance? You can invest in fractional shares of all those stocks for free? I can repeat the math at other companies like M1, and it still works out better than Stash. Stash is good for automatic investing and making it easy to understand things, but you pay a premium for that.

Also can you explain again the best place for a new investor no investment knowledge for someone 50 years old…. IRA or regular investing etc thanks. For an older investor, I would suggest Fidelity or Vanguard. Furthermore, I would suggest meeting with a fee-based financial planner not a financial advisor to sort out how you can retire and help you make a plan. I love Stash — even though I have most of my investments elsewhere. The app is super convenient and well designed, and it motivates me to save more in the short term. In my opinion they encourage people to start small, but not to stay there.